Paul Suwara

Paul Suwara


The decline willing to legal apprenticeship

In the article, the authors discuss the problem of drop willing to apprenticeship law, studying the problem in the context of the application, mainly, bailiff.

Problem, however,, applies, in principle, any type of application - notarial, radcowskiej, lawyer etc. An in-depth analysis of the problem leads to the conclusion, that the decline of interest in serving a legal application is not surprising.

In the first place you should look at the number provided by the Ministry of Justice, which point to the fact, although that number may seem significant, that members of local law from year to year will continue to arrive in large numbers. in August 2018 r. applications for entrance examinations for applications was:

1. the attorney - 2 590 willing;
2. the legal training - 3 820 willing;
3. the notary application - 620 willing;
4. the application bailiff - 190 willing.

For comparison, in year 2017 was willing:

1. the attorney - 2 875;
2. the legal training - 4 347;
3. the notary application - 690;
4. the application bailiff - 215.

These figures show, the average willing to take the entrance exams for law applications are 7 674 persons, and, when talking about potential aplikantach solicitors and lawyers - average 6 816 people. Consequently, means, that after the completion of the application, passing the professional examinations, the profession will come thousands of new professionals.

Not surprisingly retreat from the application of law, when taking into consideration the above-mentioned. statistics - increasing competition means the actual reduction in the remuneration of lawyers, fewer and fewer customers, the fight for customers, as if it was a fight to the death and life. And remember to higher and higher, all, office maintenance costs, for example,. weights of public-law.

There remains the question of, the compound having the above-identified issues, failing prestige and lack of respect - as in the title of this article. In situation, when the legal services market appears from year to year a growing number of professionals, there can be no question not only about high income, but the prestige. History shows, that in the case, When a phenomenon becomes something mass, to which access may be a growing number of people, This decreases the prestige. Legal professions enjoyed prestige due, but before the reform made by previous governments from the Minister. Ziobro. Then access was limited (reasons, about which you can say – "Open secret"), earnings much higher, and representatives of the profession but enjoyed much greater esteem. Now, when a person presents himself as a lawyer, This does not impress anyone. Only on the margin can be added, apart from the issues discussed in this article, that this is also the attitude of the public authority, in particular the Ministry of Justice, to the legal professions. But more about that in a separate article.

In this article we briefly presented their thoughts regarding. issues. I did it on purpose, to provoke you to read and comment, to exchange ideas on the selected theme. Feel free to discuss.


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